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Doctors concerned about planned wind turbines' proximity to residential neighborhoods (NL Times - 5 Jul 21)

Is wind-turbine noise research adequate? (The Day - 2 Jul 21)

Piatt County Board approves higher limit for shadow flicker from wind farms (News-Gazette - 13 Mar 21)

Scituate wind turbine shut off nights between October (Patriot Ledger - 1 Mar 21)

Environment watchdog to take charge of wind farm noise complaints (The Age - 24 Feb 21)

Dairy farmer's 'grave concerns' over effect of proposed 'skyscraper' wind turbines on animals (agriland - 8 Feb 21)

Cruel & Unusual Punishment (STT - 4 Feb 21)

Page Co. Board of Health takes no action on proposed wind turbine moratorium (kmaland - 19 Jan 21)

No Place For Man or Beast: Irish Family Pockets 225,000 From Wind Power Outfit For Noise Torture (STT - 20 Nov 20)

First Dutch climate refugees fleeing wind turbines: "The noise is unbearable" (GWPF - 2 Nov 20)

Living in the shadows of wind farm turbine tyrants (Herald - 26 Sep 20)

Tilting at windmills?: Wind farm operator's challenge to council nuisance finding fails (Lexology - 8 Sep 20)

Victims Vindicated: Farmers Victorious in Landmark Legal Battle Over Wind Turbine Noise (STT - 25 Aug 20)

Major US Agencies Aware Wind Turbine Infra-Sound For 40 Years (Patch - 15 Jun 20)

Home Wreckers: Wind Turbine Noise Destroys Ability to Enjoy Normal Sleep (STT - 2 May 20)

Falmouth Wind Turbines Production Tax Credit Took Health (Patch - 28 Apr 20)

WHO Also Wrong On Wind Turbine Noise (Patch - 26 Apr 20)

Wind turbine noise affects dream sleep and perceived sleep restoration (eurekalert - 20 Apr 20)

Cork brothers and sister who lived close to windfarm settle actions for 225k (Irish Examiner - 25 Feb 20)

Wind Turbines In Plymouth Declared Public Health Nuisance (CBS Boston - 15 Feb 20)

Falmouth: Wind Turbine 2 Setbacks Needed 2923 Feet (Patch - 12 Jan 20)

US EPA -MassDEP Wind Turbine Noise Described As Torture (Patch - 25 Dec 19)

Massachusetts Wind Turbine Health Risk Goes International (Patch - 6 Dec 19)

Couple leave 'forever home' over fear of health threat from magnetic fields (North Norfolk News - 20 Oct 19)

Caithness farmers claim noise from surrounding wind farms is making them ill (Press & Journal - 12 Aug 19)

Fears over impact of planned 300ft wind turbines on children at new Hartlepool school (Hartlepool Mail - 12 Jul 19)

'Without a shadow of a doubt infrasound is causing ill-health' (agriland - 3 Jul 19)

Can wind turbines disturb sleep? Research finds pulsing audible in homes up to 3.5km away (Sydney Morning Herald - 18 Jun 19)

'Profound scientist' Bernie Sanders and torturous wind turbines (Conservative Review - 10 May 19)

Wind Farms Do Pose Health, Procedural Justice Concerns (Oberlin Review - 12 Apr 19)

Silent and annoying: Can infrasound really be the cause of different health problems? (Energy Voice - 18 Mar 19)

Galloway resident sounds alarm on noise damage of wind farms (Galloway Gazette - 17 Mar 19)

Highland Victory: Court Finds Insidious Wind Turbine Noise 'Jet-Like' & Orders Wind Farm Shutdown (STT - 28 Mar 19)
Stuartfield couple win battle against 'jet-like' turbines (Press & Journal - 9 Mar 19

Wind turbines causing blowback from neighbors (turnto10 - 8 Feb 19)

Wind turbine water activists frustrated by lack of government support (Blackburn News - 7 Feb 19)

D-day looms for Sneddon Law wind farm as residents raise fears of polluted water (Times - 27 Jan 19)
'A first for Scotland': Sneddon's Law windfarm blocked over safe water fears (The Herald - 17 Nov 17)
Court Judgement (9 Nov 17)
Doctor claims Scotland's biggest windfarm responsible for high levels of cancer-causing chemical in public water supply (Daily Record - 28 Dec 14)

Infrasound effects (The Advertiser-Tribune - 1 Dec 18)

Angry Neighbours Launch $Million Lawsuit Against Wind Farm Developer & Council (STT - 14 Nov 18)

Wind farm report a blow to future of the industry (The Australian - 14 Sep 18)

Proposed Cork wind farm to 'muddy' water supply (Irish Examiner - 14 Sep 18)

Gippsland wind farm adversely affecting residents, independent report says (ABC - 13 Sep 18)

Tortured by the turbines (Scottish Daily Mail via NWW - 25 Aug 18)

A Lingering "Conflict of Interest" (Hearing Health Matters - 5 Jun 18)

Does living near wind turbines negatively impact human health? (Eurek Alert - 5 Jun 18)

Health Impacts of Industrial Wind (Emmetsburg News - 19 May 18)

Living near municipal wind turbines has residents on guard (Wicked Local Kingston - 27 Apr 18)

LETTER: Wind Turbine Emissions Harm Health (Emmetsburg news - 17 Apr 18)

Report links wind turbines to human health problems (The Heartland Institute - 19 Feb 18)

Windfarm power plans raise mother's concern (Energy Voice - 12 Feb 18)

Big Blue must submit noise data (Fairmont Sentinel - 10 Feb 18)

News of no fault by wind farm devastates Chatham Township well owners (Chatham Voice - 6 Feb 18)

Health And Wind Turbines (Yankton Daily Press - 5 Feb 18)

Flinders University's five-year study looks into wind farms' effects on health (abc news - 25 Jan 18)

Cape Bridgewater wind farm blows no good for neighbor (Warmambool Standard - 9 Jan 18)


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Articles and Reports



Media Release NAPAW - Fatal Attraction: Rare Earths, EMF, ILFN, Electromagnetic Fields. (24 Feb 21)

Cardiologist's Investigation and Response to Industrial Wind Turbines in the Rural Residential Countryside (Wind Action - 7 Dec 20)

Why Some Families Living in Proximity to Wind Energy Facilities Contemplate Vacating Their Homes (June 2020)

Wind Turbine Noise and understanding the Spectrum of Noise, Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise (ILFN) and why ETSU-R-97 is unfit for purpose (Winds of Justice - 6 Dec 19)

Unmitigated Wind Industry Torture: Wind Farm Neighbours Driven to Insanity by Screeching Wind Turbines (STT - Nov 2019)

'Green' Energy Guinea Pigs: Why Wind Turbine Noise Victims Suffer Sleep Deprivation & Worse (STT - 17 Oct 19)

Medical Malpractice: Unmasking Doctors Who Hate Wind Industry Noise Victims (STT - 28 Sep 19)

Infrasound: A Growing Liability for Wind Power (29 May 19)

German Study Finds Pulsing Wind Farm Infrasound 20 Kilometres From Turbines (STT- 7 May 19)

Real Suffering: No One Should Suffer The Noise That Wind Farm Neighbours Put Up With (11 Apr 19)

How Infrasound Can Cause Cancer (April 2019)

Home Wreckers: Finnish Study Finds Wind Turbine Infrasound Unsafe For Residents Living Within 15 Km (STT - 1 Feb 19)

Acoustics and Biological Structures (January 2019)

'Green' Energy Guinea Pigs: Wind Industry's American Victims Monitored for Infrasound Effects on Heart & Health (STT - Dec 2018)

Wind Turbines Can Harm Heart, Says German Professor (Breitbart - 1 Nov 18)

Wind Turbine Public Safety Risk, Direct and Indirect Health Impacts - William K.G. Palmer (Nov. 2018)
Journal of Energy Conservation - 1(1):41-78.

Wind turbines in 2018 (Nov. 2018)

WHO - Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region 2018
There are Serious Issues with Noise Exposure Assessment Related to Wind Turbines -
WHO Noise Guidelines 2018

World Health Organization: Wind Turbine Noise as a Health Hazard (opening recognition likely to lead to more acknowledgement) (Oct 18)
Rural Communities Revolt: Opposition to Wind Power Grows as WHO Deems Wind Turbine Noise Serious Health Risk (STT - Oct 2018)

William Acker: Wind Turbines Survey of Impacts show Positive Proof (Oct 18)

The Listening Room Experience (Oct 18)

Farmers Fightback: Investigator's Noise Nuisance Finding Leaves Australian Wind Industry Furious (17 Sep 18)

Can Wind Turbines Make You Sick? (pbs.org - 27 Jun 18)

Development of the WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region: An Introduction (12 Apr 18)

The Misfortune Of Living By A Wind Farm (22 Mar 18)

Sensing but Not Hearing: The Problem of Wind Turbine Noise (2 Feb 18)

Why Wind Turbine Sounds are Annoying, and Why it Matters (7 Nov 17)

Infrasound from wind turbines is a new signal in the environment (23 Aug 17)

Wealth of Scientific Evidence Shows Wind Turbine Noise Wrecks Sleep & Health (5 Jun 17)

Wind Turbine Noise Obvious Cause of Sleep Deprivation (8 May 17)

Undeniable Proof: Wind Turbine Noise Causes Serious Adverse Health Effects (18 Apr 17)

International Standards Organization acknowledges motion sickness from low-frequency oscillatory motion below 1 Hz

Science deniers in the wind industry (3 Mar 17)

Could wind turbines taint area aquifer? (22 Feb 17)

Willem Post: Wind turbine noise adversely impacts people and animals (27 Dec 16)

NOISE: a startling case of two schools in proximity to wind turbines (13 Dec 16)

The Other Side of Green Energy: The Negative Impact of Wind Turbines (2 Dec, 16)

Industrial Wind Turbine Noise

Considerations Regarding an Acoustic Criterion for Wind Turbines (Sep 16)

List of scientific and other literature evidencing the adverse effects of infrasound on animals (2 Oct 16)

"Vibrations of my house, and of the whole valley" (Friends against wind - 22 Jul 16))

"There is no escaping the torture from infrasound emissions from industrial wind turbines." (Friends against wind - 21 Jul 16))

Brown County CRWE calls for dismissal of Health Director Chua Xiong's determination concerning Shirley Wind

Professional Caution to Brown Co. Board of Health (23 Feb 16)

How the Wind Industry Rigged Noise 'Rules' to Destroy Neighbours' Lives (STT - 22 Jan 16)

Independent Noise Working Group (INWG) Report (Nov 2015)

Winds of Justice -Water Contamination and windfarm construction: update and what you can do about it. (13 Nov 15)

Wind Turbine Infrasound: What You Can't Hear Can Really Harm You (STT - 29 Sep 15)

Effect of windfarms on human health (4 Aug 15)

Effect of Wind Turbine Noise on Workers' Sleep Disorder: A Case Study of Manjil Wind Farm in Northern Iran (Jun 15)

Wind-farm workers suffer poor sleep, international studies find (27 May 15)

Top Acoustic Engineer - Malcolm Swinbanks - Experiences Wind Farm Infrasound Impacts, First Hand (STT - 11 May 15)

The "irreparable harm to physical and psychological health" from infrasounds of wind turbines is now proven (28 Mar 15)

Wind Turbine Torture
"People are willing to tolerate, approve, and contribute to the torture of their neighbors with the ill effects of wind turbines simply because they have been told by public officials, the media, or green zealots that it is necessary to 'save the planet' from global climate change." March 2015

Evidence on Wind Farms and Human Health February 2015

The harsh reality (by Stop These Things)

Groundbreaking new study shows the link between "wind turbine signature" and health effects (21 Jan 15)

Governments should, first and foremost, protect their citizens

Health Effects Related to Wind Turbine Noise Exposure: A Systematic Review (Denmark) (4 Dec 14)

Negative health effects of noise from industrial wind turbines - Nov 14
Part 1 : Some background
Part 2: The Evidence
Part 3: How the ear and brain process infrasound

Judge Muse Decision to Shut Down Wind Turbines Causing Irreparable Harm (3 Aug 14)

Definitive Document - Wind Turbine Noise & Adverse Health Effects, June 14

Community Noise Impact Surveys

Big Wind's Dirty Little Secret: Toxic Lakes and Radioactive Waste (23 Oct 13)


A case was found where workers were exposed to epoxy resins through skin contact and it was reported that they experienced reproductive effects, including irregular periods. Women were warned not to have children for two years after exposure where poor or no protective measures were in place when manufacturing or repairing wind turbine blades with epoxy resins (p.32)
Occupational Safety and Health in the Wind Energy Sector


Public officials involved in the investigation, assessment and regulation of environmental noise, or in giving authoritative advice on that matter, are at personal risk of being charged with a serious criminal offence under Australian law, based on international human rights covenants and conventions, if their actions and decisions lead to, or are complicit in, causing prolonged sleep deprivation for residents in excessive noise impacted communities.
Public Officials risk Criminal Charges for Torture 23 Oct 14


The healthcare practicioner applying the criteria must be licensed to take a medical or health history and to make a diagnosis. Physicians should consider that children are also affected but in ways sufficiently different from adults.
Diagnostic criteria for adverse health effects in the environs of wind turbines - Royal Society of Medicine 2014


Health Canada report and Summary Nov 14
and responses to it:
Professor disputes wind turbine report
Radio interview with an Epidemiologist
Industry led - Government supported
Too little - too late
Data shows windfarm regulations not adequate


Contamination from windfarms
Scotland's Toxic Shock: Wind Farms Poisoning Neighbours (Aug 2014)
Wind turbines contaminate the environment (Jul 2014)
Dr Rachel Connor and the reality of Whitelee windfarm (Oct 2013)
Drinking water near Whitelee windfarm, Scotland, is contaminated (Sep 2013)
A family's story (2010 - 2011)


How does wind turbine noise affect people

World Autism Day Children & Wind Turbines (April 2013)
It is acknowledged that noise emissions both auditory and non-auditory from wind turbines have particular characteristics
which contribute to chronic sleep disturbance, stress, nausea and impaired cognition

Bad science behind wind turbine noise guidelines March 2013

Where ETSU is Silent July 2012

A Critique of the IoA Treatment of Background Noise Apr 2012



Other Groups and Sites


Resident Rights Coalition of Madison County
This is our story from Dekalb County Missouri (26 Apr 21)
Why we oppose wind energy in rural residential regions (3 Apr 21)
So sad what living in industrial wind turbines placed irresponsibly... from Colorado (16 Feb 21)


What "lies" behind the wind (The Truth)

Crook Hill Eco Disaster

21 peer reviewed articles on health and industrial wind turbines

Brown County Citizens

Experts in all aspects of Environmental Health

Friends Against Wind

Health and Safety blog

Stop These Things

Waubra Foundation

Wind Turbine Syndrome




WHO's Environmental Noise Guidelines for Europe (Letter WCFN) Oct 2016

Freedom of Information Request Sep 2016

Open Letter to the World Health Organisation

State health department AWOL on wind turbine impacts (The Cap Times - 24 Sep 16)

Letter to the World Health Organisation Jul 2016

More WHO letters May 2016

Letter of complaint to DPEA Jan 2015

Open Letter addressed to the Department of Energy & Climate Change Nov 2014
Attachment 1 - Submission to Northern Ireland Assembly Evironment Committee by Pat Swords
Attachment 2 - Non Conformance of Wind turbines to Design and CE Certification Criteria
Attachment 3 - Whitelee Windfarm - a 5-year study of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus aquatic fluxes
recent email correspondence with DECC

Open letter re. water contamination (Aug 2014)





Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise: Physics & Cells, History & Health (Sep 19)

"We find the animals dead without explanation": farmers expose the harmful effects of wind turbines (March 2019)

Sick since a wind park was installed (Feb 2019)

Infrasound caused by Industrial Wind Turbines (Nov 2018)

No, wind turbine noise is not damped by the ground! (Aug 2018)

Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise - new lecture (May 2018)

The Misfortune Of Living By A Wind Farm

Misery of Life in Wind Turbine's Pulsing Shadow

Wind Energy war on the High Plains

Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise (October 2016)

Wind and Health by Nathan Brown

French Farmer Sues Wind Farm Over Stressed Cows

Are wind farms really noisy? What does a wind farm sound like?

Windwahn videos

Windbag of Aeolus - from Greece

Downwind - personal stories from Canada

David Mortimer tells the suffering he is experiencing from wind turbines

Wind turbines... what they're doing to people's health, and now it's official

The health impact of wind turbines in the wake of new research

Health Effects

Windmills of your mind

Windfarms, water and the smoking gun



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