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Caithness Windfarm Information Forum - CWIF -


Caithness Windfarm Information Forum website is no longer being updated due to the retirement of the webmaster but will remain available until February 2022 when it will be taken down. The live feed of Scotland News from National Wind Watch will continue to update automatically as it always has but again will disappear from our site in February; however their very useful news will continue to be available on the National Wind Watch website.

The Accident data is now hosted on the Scotland Against Spin website . Accidents and incidents should be sent to accidents@scotlandagainstspin.org as indicated at the bottom of that page.

From a supporter after the Stroupster windfarm decision in 2010:

I feel like another bit of us/Caithness has died. It's utterly incredible that this is progressing so far
and now so fast. Folks are going to wake up one day and say "who let this happen?"

CWIF can certainly stand proud and say
"we did our best and fought with everything we had and could think of".


Flow Country Photo: Ben MacGregor

The Flow Country is the largest area of blanket bog in Europe so why are they destroying so much peat filling it with huge concrete blocks to hold wind turbines? They claim it is important to preserve peat.


CWIF is a member of the

World Council for Nature and European Platform Against Windfarms





Abandoned Wind Farm in the Oklahoma Panhandle: Revisited 2021


Green energy has environmental toll

Surprising science - There's no such thing as clean energy

Visualising the UK's wind energy
(interesting although we don't agree with their comments)




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Friends against wind

Global Warming Policy Forum

Not a lot of people know that

Renewable Energy Foundation Blog

Stop These Things

Turbines on Fire

Winds of Justice

Wind Watch international news


Facebook group:

Wind Energy's Absurd





All meetings of Highland Council are webcast live

and available later in the archive


DPEA are now webcasting some Public Local Inquiries

View live here or later in their Library



North Planning Applications Committee

Tuesday 8th June at 10:00 am

See Item 6.1 Strathrory windfarm - Refused

Item 6.7 Strathy South windfarm Variation of condition to increase tip height to 200m. - Recommendation: Raise no objection subject to conditions and mitigation as set out in section 11 of the report. Agreed.

Item 6.8 Slickly windfarm - Refused


South Planning Applications Committee

Tuesday 15th June at 9:30 am

No relevant items


Bettyhill Windfarm

Public Consultation details

Meet in Person: Thu 8th July 2021, 9:30am-7:00pm at Bettyhill Village Hall

Online Event: Wed 14th July 2021, 6pm



Drum Hollistan Windfarm

Second virtual pre-examination meeting: 14 July 2021 at 11:00.




BBC quote "the Caithness countryside is transforming into a powerhouse of renewable energy"
Forget people, wild life, countryside - we're just a "powerhouse".

When 'green' means ruining our landscape


See Wind Developments for Caithness and Sutherland lists and link to Highland Council map with all windfarm details

Too many new and amended applications to list here so see lists linked above.


Refused recently:

Cairnmore Hill




Some guidance for new groups

Please note - only full applications, i.e. those with FUL or S36 in the ref., can be commented on.
All others (SCOP, SCRE, PNO, PAN) should be treated as advance warning.

Community Benefit is not a material planning consideration and plays no part in the process.




Sallachy wind farm construction traffic would have 'significant impact' on roads and communities, says transport planning (Northern Times - 30 Jun 21)

Windfarm boom off Scotland must not be at expense of consumers (Herald - 24 Jun 21)

Local authority accepts rise in turbine height at Strathy South but wants number reduced by four (Northern Times - 10 Jun 21)

Could this huge Highland wind farm end up a tourist attraction? Councillor touts potential of 650ft turbines as project extension is approved (Press & Journal - 9 Jun 21)

Communities in 'David and Goliath situation' over onshore wind, says Caithness councillor (Caithness Courier - 9 Jun 21)

No appeal for Hill of Forss wind farm refusal (John O'Groat Journal - 8 Jun 21)

Councillors turn down Strathrory Wind Farm plan (Northern Times - 8 Jun 21)

Strathy South wind farm should have four fewer turbines, says Highland Council report (John O'Groat Journal - 4 Jun 21)

Highland Council and environmental groups oppose it, but these villagers are right behind plans to extend a huge Sutherland windfarm (Press & Journal - 3 Jun 21)

March of windfarms is destroying Scotland - but we can stop it (Herald via NWW - 27 May 21)

Rogart meeting called amid concern over '1600 abnormal loads' connected to proposed wind farms (Northern Times - 15 May 21)

"Don't accept the tainted coin": Sutherland woman's plea to neighbours as lochside wind farm looms (Press & Journal - 12 May 21)

Online consultation to start on Limekiln wind farm changes (John O'Groat Journal - 6 May 21)

Higher wind turbines at Limekiln would have 'massive impact' on Reay (John O'Groat Journal - 5 May 21)

'I think the vast majority of the people in the village are opposed' (John O'Groat Journal - 5 May 21)

Strathy wind farm: 'Wall of turbines' warning as inquiry closes (Press & Journal - 3 May 21)

New report highlights economic value to Scotland of four Sutherland wind farms (Northern Times - 28 Apr 21)

Fresh bid for wind farm at Sallachy Estate (Northern Times - 27 Apr 21)

Inquiry launched into controversial plans for third wind farm development around scenic far north crofting community (Press & Journal - 26 Apr 21)

'It's like they're breeding': Highland villagers demand end to wind farm developments around scenic area (Press & Journal - 19 Apr 21)

Golticlay would have been 'binned' under fairer planning system, says wind farm pressure group (John O'Groat Journal - 9 Apr 21)

Caithness wind farm campaigner challenges First Minister to listen to views of local people (John O'Groat Journal - 9 Apr 21)

First power at Gordonbush Extension wind farm is 'momentous occasion' (John O'Groat Journal - 9 Apr 21)

Scottish Government won't look again at onshore wind impact on tourism, Caithness councillor is told (John O'Groat Journal - 8 Apr 21)

Landowner's pledge over Kintradwell Wind Farm: 'If it goes ahead, then I will apply for one too' (Northern Times - 8 Apr 21)

Protest grows over Kintradwell Wind Farm (Northern Times - 7 Apr 21)

Growing risk of 21st-century Caithness clearances in wake of Golticlay decision, councillor claims (John O'Groat Journal - 7 Apr 21)

'Dictatorship' claim by Caithness resident after wind farm gets go-ahead from Scottish Government (John O'Groat Journal - 2 Apr 21)

Conservative candidate blasts Scottish Government over 'rotten' planning system (John O'Groat Journal - 26 Mar 21)

Extension plan for Bettyhill Wind Farm (Northern Times - 23 Mar 21)

Energy firm lodges appeal after Camster II Wind Farm planning refusal (John O'Groat Journal - 19 Mar 21)

Ridge too far - campaign group galvanising residents over wind farm which would 'overshadow' Brora and impact on the wider Special Landscape Area (Northern Times - 19 Mar 21)

Height of nonsense as Lairg 2 turbines amended for third time (Northern Times - 16 Mar 21)

Caithness wind farm decision 'a big missed opportunity' but objectors claim plan 'a gross act of vandalism.' (John O'Groat Journal - 12 Mar 21)

Communities thanked for their patience as Gordonbush Extension component deliveries completed (Northern Times - 10 Mar 21)

Wind farm developers accused of 'masterclass in spin' over bigger turbines at Limekiln (John O'Groat Journal - 5 Mar 21)

Energy firms aiming to increase turbine size at Limekiln wind farm (John O'Groat Journal - 27 Feb 21)

Soaring height of turbines at Lairg 2 wind farm (Northern Times - 24 Feb 21)

Power company seeks consent for Kintradwell Wind Farm (Northern Times - 23 Feb 21)

Scottish Government ministers don't care about us, says campaigner as new map shows extent of Caithness wind farms (John O'Groat Journal - 12 Feb 21)

Downscaling of Gordonbush Wind Farm extension leads to community benefit cut (Northern Times - 6 Feb 21)

Desperate plea for Scottish Government to safeguard Wick airport after wind farm pulls out of harbour due to lack of air links (Press & Journal - 26 Jan 21)

First turbine installed at Gordonbush Extension (renews.biz - 26 Jan 21)

Melvich community councillors 'fully supportive' of Ackron Wind Farm (John O'Groat Journal - 24 Jan 21)

Dounreay offshore wind turbines would 'dwarf' those in Beatrice project, says Caithness councillor (John O'Groat Journal - 22 Jan 21)

Energy firm considering next steps after Camster II Wind Farm planning refusal (John O'Groat Journal - 22 Jan 21)

Community benefit from Melvich wind farm will be over £7m, says energy firm (John O'Groat Journal - 20 Jan 21)

Sutherland wind farm plan wins support of community council (Press & Journal - 20 Jan 21)

Rovco to inspect Beatrice offshore wind farm jackets, cables (Offshore - 18 Jan 21)

Poll results on wind farms in northern Highlands 'don't reflect strength of feeling' - campaigner (John O'Groat Journal - 9 Jan 21)

Wind farm objections in Highlands overruled on 40 occasions in past five years (Northern Times - 8 Jan 21)

Caithness wind farm exports energy to grid for first time (Energy Voice - 4 Jan 21)

POLL: Should new wind farm developments in Caithness and Sutherland be stopped? (John O'Groat Journal - 26 Dec 20)

Rogart residents fear encirclement as developer of rejected Sutherland wind farm goes to appeal (Press & Journal - 24 Dec 20)

System of multimillion-pound wind farm payments 'just beggars belief' says Caithness campaigner (John O'Groat Journal - 24 Dec 20)

Halsary milestone as first electricity is exported from new wind farm (John O'Groat Journal - 23 Dec 20)

'Ring of steel' fears as Kilbraur South developer Wind2 appeals decision by Highland Council to refuse permission for wind farm (Northern Times - 11 Dec 20)

Residents face 'corporate bullying' over wind farms in Reay area, says councillor (Caithness Courier - 9 Dec 20)

Jobs hope as developer RES signs deal with Sutherland contractor Edward Mackay over proposed Kintradwell Wind Farm near Brora (Northern Times - 8 Dec 20)


News Archive back to 2016




Scottish Govt. list of decisions

VIDEO: Nesting Season Clearfell Shock


The Shetland Tragedy
(link to special section)



LETTER: Cut the energy waste before building new wind farms (Shetland News - 2 Jul 21)

Agenda: Is wind energy really sustainable? (Herald - 1 Jul 21)

Plans for new wind farm thrown out by councillors amid plane crash fears (Press & Journal - 30 Jun 21)

Firm behind giant wind farm plan investigate appeal against council knock back (Largs and Millport News - 24 Jun 21)

'People are suffering needlessly' - north-east residents join calls for onshore wind planning overhaul (Energy Voice via NWW - 23 Jun 21)

Tempting ploy for more wind turbines (Edinburgh News via NWW - 22 Jun 21)

LETTER: Wind farms should pay compensation (Edinburgh News - 19 Jun 21)

Onshore windfarms in Scotland 'must be taller' to maximise job creation, say Greens (Daily Record - 17 Jun 21)

Giants to bid for windfarm licences in ScotWind round (Herald - 16 Jun 21)

Contract awarded for supply of 800km of cable for Viking Energy wind farm (Shetland New - 15 Jun 21)

Kenly windfarm development no further forward because of radar risk (Courier - 15 Jun 21)

Plans for wind turbine farm near Forth will go before Scottish Government (Daily Record - 13 Jun 21)

Strathrory wind farm bid near Ardross is rejected as Ross-shire councillors overturn recommendation of officials (Ross-shire Journal - 13 Jun 21)

'The benefits could last for 100 years': Landowner throws support behind £550million Loch Ness hydro scheme after government approval (Press & Journal - 8 Jun 21)

Some wind farm works halted due to nesting birds - but no delays to the overall project (Shetland News - 8 Jun 21)

LETTER: Green investors don't see the damage they inflict on the environment (Shetland News - 7 Jun 21)

Wind farms connection consultation open until end of the month (Shetland News - 7 Jun 21)

160-tonne 'reactor' winds its way to East Lothian as part of vast £1.8 billion wind farm (Scotsman - 7 Jun 21)

Moray East Offshore Wind Farm Starts Delivering (Offshore Wind - 7 Jun 21)

Resting pterodactyls! How Outlander writer views wind turbines that 'deface landscape' (Scottish Mail on Sunday - 6 Jun 21)

Highlands 'in a dire situation' as support is sought for onshore wind petition (John O'Groat Journal 4 Jun 21)

Landmark study puts cost of windfarm development in the picture (TechXplore - 4 Jun 21)

LETTER: Who will pay our energy bills if we ever go independent? (Herald - 3 Jun 21)

Vilicom Delivers First Private Cloud to a UK Wind Farm (UC Today - 3 Jun 21)

Revised Southern Upland Way turbine plans approved (BBC News - 3 Jun 21)

Cost of excluding wind farms from UK's most scenic areas revealed in Aberdeen Uni study (Energy Voice via NWW - 4 Jun 21)

Wind turbines planned for East Ayrshire could be among the tallest in the world (Daily Record - 3 Jun 21)

People invited to log in for public consultation on wind farm extension (Cumnock Chronicle - 2 Jun 21)

Huge floating windfarms could be deployed off Shetland and North East Scotland (Herald - 1 Jun 21)

Giant floating wind farm and green gas scheme in Scotland could be UK's 'biggest emissions abatement project to date' (Scotsman - 1 Jun 21)

Scotland's heritage at risk from spread of wind farms - experts (Scottish Mail on Sunday via NWW - 30 May 21)

The Scots 'green capital of Europe' revolution that was blown out of all proportion (Herald - 30 May 21)

LETTER: Why do we insist on destroying nature on the pretence of saving it? (Herald - 29 May 21)

Consultation planned over network connections which could lead to new overhead lines (Shetland Times - 25 May 21)

Tilting at windmills: Engineers accuse ministers of relying too much on renewables (Herald - 23 May 21)

Wind farms should pay compensation (Edinburgh News.Scotsman via NWW - 20 May 21)

Pressure group urges people to object to plans for new Glenkens windfarm (Daily Record - 20 May 21)

LETTER: A lot of hot air (Scotsman via NWW - 19 May 21)

Turbines are getting bigger (The Scottish Farmer - 14 May 21)

Calls to stop further windfarm development around Loch Ness as total number of turbines approach 700 (Press & Journal - 13 May 21)

Renewed planning permission sought for Cunningsburgh wind turbines (Shetland News - 10 May 21)

LETTER: Wind power burden on ratepayers (Press & Journal via NWW - 8 May 21)

LETTER: A tarnished record (Herald via NWW - 6 May 21)

Calls for help for Scottish communities threatened by 'ring of steel' wind turbines (Scotsman - 5 May 21)

Fears over huge wind turbine plan for South Ayrshire village (Daily Record - 5 May 21)

Talk of wind farms benefiting locals is just a lot of hot air (Times - 4 May 21)

Electricity supplier inks UK wind offtake (renews.biz - 4 May 21)

Crystal Rig IV: 200-metre wind turbines with red aviation lights to be built in Lammermuirs (East Lothian Courier - 4 May 21)

Warning Cairngorms National Park in danger of being surrounded by 'ring of steel' (Strathspey Herald - 2 May 21)

'Ignored' communities call for windfarm pause (Argyll Advertiser via NWW - 30 Apr 21)

A90 drivers warned of weekend transformer convoy connected with Scotland's biggest offshore wind farm project (Courier - 29 Apr 21)

Highland wind farms expected to contribute £485m to UK economy (Energy Voice - 23 Apr 21)

First of 20 turbines erected at new wind farm by Tomatin (Strathspey Herald - 22 Apr 21)

Fears increase in turbines will industrialise Dava Moor (Strathspey Herald - 22 Apr 21)

Dumfries and Galloway pressure group claims it has been "stonewalled" in bid to see windfarm images (Courier - 21 Apr 21)

LETTER: Scroll down to Seabirds at risk (Scotsman - 19 Apr 21)

Renewable energy in Moray: New windfarm proposed south of Dufftown by Fred. Olsen Renewables (Northern Scot - 19 Apr 21)

Amazon unveils plans for Scottish offshore wind farm (4COffshore - 19 Apr 21)

Developer Infinergy looking to extend 13-turbine Tom nan Clach Wind Farm (Strathspey Herald - 18 Apr 21)

BiFab contract: Former worker hopes to get his job back after major wind farm announcement (Courier - 16 Apr 21)

Communities need wind farm voice (Herald via NWW - 14 Apr 21)

Another wind farm planned as campaign group says we are at 'saturation' point (Galloway Gazette - 13 Apr 21)

Councillors recommended not to object to pylon plans (Galloway Gazette - 13 Apr 21)

Bid for North Lowther windfarm scheme in Dumfries and Galloway could be subject of judicial review (Daily Record - 9 Apr 21)

Skelmorlie windfarm firm 'to consider next move' after council rejects proposal (Greenock Telegraph - 7 Apr 21)

Skelmorlie windfarm firm 'to consider next move' after council rejects proposal (Greenock Telegraph - 7 Apr 21)

Scaled down plans for wind farm near Grantown to be submitted later in 2021 (Strathspey & Badenoch Herald - 5 Apr 21)

Decision taken on 'giant windfarm' plan after surprise local plan 'contraventions' revealed to meeting (Largs and Millport News - 3 Apr 21)

Giant onshore wind turbines coming to Scotland as part of new environmental efforts (Press & Journal - 3 Apr 21)

Energiekontor unveils 106MW Strath Oykel (renews.biz - 2 Apr 21)

Discussions planned surrounding offshore windfarm (East Lothian Courier - 2 Apr 21)

Decision on 'giant windfarm' after surprise local plan 'contraventions' revealed to meeting (Greenock Telegraph - 2 Apr 21)

Ministers taken to court for rejecting Buccleuch wind farm (The Ferret - 30 Mar 21)

Dumfries and Galloway couple temporarily halt business after remote road damaged by overturned windfarm crane (Daily Record - 29 Mar 21)

Windfarm development near Aberdeen on cards for oil and gas firm (Herald - 25 Mar 21)

New proposed Teviothead windfarm bid raises 'huge concerns' - despite £3.6m a year community benefits (Southern Reporter - 24 Mar 21)

Damaged power cable costs consumers £40m (Times - 23 Mar 21)

Lockdown blow for wind farm opponents (Sunday Times - 21 Mar 21)

Giant pipe placed under Thorntonloch beach (East Lothian Courier - 20 Mar 21)

Wind farm mast proposal attracts objections from locals determined to see off any turbine plans (Press & Journal - 18 Mar 21)

ScottishPower Renewables unveils plans to invest £250 million in Dumfries and Galloway windfarms (Daily Record - 17 Mar 21)

Call for national wind farm plan with say for local residents (Scotsman - 16 Mar 21)

ScottishPower Renewables unveils plans to invest £250 million in Dumfries and Galloway windfarms (Daily Record - 17 Mar 21)

Call for national wind farm plan with say for local residents (Scotsman - 16 Mar 21)

Campaigners appeal to politicians to stand up to windfarms in Holyrood manifestos (Galloway Gazette - 15 Mar 21)

Huge wind turbine towers could be built in Scotland for world's biggest offshore windfarm (New Civil Engineer - 15 Mar 21)

Double crane crash ignites wind farm row (DNG - 13 Mar 21)

Huge windfarm cranes still to be recovered from Glenkens road - more than a fortnight after overturning (Daily Record - 12 Mar 21)

LETTER: Scots deserve the right to veto wind farm plans (Scotsman - 12 Mar 21)

Survey will ensure marine wind farm is built on strong foundations (Inverness Courier - 10 Mar 21)

Campaign group claims crash proves roads are unsuitable for wind farms (Galloway Gazette - 10 Mar 21)

Row erupts over plans for taller windfarm turbines in the Glenkens (Daily Record - 10 Mar 21)

Bank Renewables unveils plans for East Ayshire wind farm extension (Scottish Construction - 10 Mar 21)

Consultation launched on plans for north-east onshore wind farm (Energy Voice - 5 Mar 21)

Speed restrictions to be imposed on A970 during wind farm construction (Shetland News - 5 Mar 21)

Faw Side wind farm rejected by Borders councillors (Border Telegraph - 4 Mar 21)

Wind mast at Bodinglee approved by councillors (Carluke Gazette - 2 Mar 21)

Bid for wind farm on Borders boundary faces opposition from council planning committee (Southern Reporter - 1 Mar 21)

Hackers cause delay to decision on Largs windfarm (Largs & Millport News - 1 Mar 21)

Time is fast running out to make your views known on windfarm proposals (Stornoway Gazette - 26 Feb 21)

Greencoat announces deals worth up to £146million for Scottish wind farm stakes (Energy Voice - 24 Feb 21)

Wind farm plan for the Dava Moor which could lead to £19 million benefitting local community projects (Inverness Courier - 23 Feb 21)

Landscape impact concern over Faw Side wind farm plans (BBC News - 23 Feb 21)

EDF Renewables to break ground on Scottish onshore wind farm next week (Energy Voice - 22 Feb 21)

1,600 trees a day axed to pave the way for turbines (Mail on Sunday via NWW - 22 Feb 21)

LETTER: New turbines even more intrusive (Herald via NWW - 22 Feb 21)

East Ayrshire: Plans unveiled for wind farm extension (Cumnock Chronicle - 18 Feb 21)

Why objections to an 800ft turbine in your back yard are gone with the wind (Daily Mail via NWW - 19 Feb 21)

Plans submitted for 15-turbine wind farm in Sutherland (Press & Journal via NWW -19 Feb 21)

Villagers against another wind farm in South Lanarkshire (Carluke Gazette - 19 Feb 21)

Gloucester investors buy Aberdeenshire windfarms (Herald - 17 Feb 21)

World's tallest on land wind farm planned for Scottish site (Scotsman - 17 Feb 21)

Banks unveils plans for wind farm extension (Construction Index - 17 Feb 21)

Glenurquhart protest group raises fears over impact of wind farms in Loch Ness and Glen Affric areas on Highland tourism (Inverness Courier - 15 Feb 21)

Renewable energy giant SSE launches plan to become Britain's first global windfarm business as it invests up to £15bn over next decade (This is Money - 14 Feb 21)

Invasion of the 800ft turbines (Daily Mail via NWW - 13 Feb 21)

Whitelee Windfarm: Restrictions imposed at beauty spot to halt 'irresponsible parking' (Barrhead News - 13 Feb 21)

Community councillors object to plans for a new windfarm in the Stirling area (Daily Record - 12 Feb 21)

Planning permission granted to build West Lothian's tenth wind farm in West Calder (Daily Record - 11 Feb 21)

Proposal for eight more wind turbines at a Dumfriesshire windfarm (Daily Record - 10 Feb 21)

Port of Nigg Selected to Support Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm (Offshore Engineer - 10 Feb 21)

Windfarm proposal: 'All the do gooders want this' say The Mail readers (North West Evenin Mail - 10 Feb 21)

Public asked for views after plans revealed for more wind turbines near Loch Ness (Inverness Courier - 9 Feb 21)

Construction set to start on Greengairs windfarm (Daily Record - 9 Feb 21)

See second and third letters (Scotsman - 8 Feb 21)

Policy encourages Scottish wind farms (Edinburgh Evening News via NWW - 8 Feb 21)

LETTER: Bin 'open door' policy on windfarms (Scotsman - 5 Feb 21)

Call for public inquiry into giant Western Isles wind farm (Scotsman - 2 Feb 21)

Planning board gives its backing no public inquiry wind farm proposals (Stornoway Gazette - 2 Feb 21)

Massive windfarm on Lewis gets backing of local planners (Scotsman - 31 Jan 21)

Energy firm wants five turbines in Fintry Hills (Stirling Observer via NWW - 29 Jan 21)

Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm to be kitted out with turbine toilets in 'world first' (Energy Voice - 26 Jan 21)

CHC to support delivery of offshore wind farms from Aberdeen base (Energy Voice - 25 Jan 21)

East Ayrshire Community Councils unite for wind farm funds (Cumnock Chronicle - 24 Jan 21)

Deadline extended for comments on Hoy wind farm project (The Orcadian - 23 Jan 21)

Fears 'wildcat wonderland' would be doomed under plans to expand wind farm near Huntly (Press & Journal - 22 Jan 21)

UK Government must overhaul windfarm deals after BiFab collapse, say MSPs (Scotsman - 22 Jan 21)

New windfarm proposal threatens Lewis bird life (RSPB - 18 Jan 21)

Community objections to wind farms in Highlands fall on stony ground (Strathspey Herald - 18 Jan 2)

Councillors look set to approve 49-turbine North Kyle wind farm (Cumnock Chronicle - 16 Jan 21)

First of 100 turbines goes up at Moray East offshore windfarm (Northern Scot - 15 Jan 21)

Manufacturer for Scotland's largest wind farms announces 220 job cuts (Energy Voice - 14 Jan 21)

Protestors fear new wind turbine in Neilston would be 'blot on the landscape' (Barrhead News - 14 Jan 21)

Eighty metre mast used for windfarm planning to stay for another three years (Shetland News - 14 Jan 21)

Lowther Hills wind farm project rejected by government (BBC - 11 Jan 21)

What happened to offshore jobs? (Herald via NWW - 8 Jan 21)

LETTER: What happened to offshore jobs? (Herald via NWW - 8 Jan 21)

Campaign group at odds with industry body over windfarm backing in Perthshire (Courier - 8 Jan 21)

ADVERTISEMENT: SSE Renewables investment benefits local communities (Inverness Courier - 7 Jan 21)

£230m bung to switch off turbines - and you're paying! (Scottish Daily Mail via NWW - 6 Jan 21)

Milestone reached on Moray East offshore wind farm (Construction Index - 4 Jan 21)

Final jacket put in place in Moray East wind farm scheme (Ross-shire Journal - 28 Dec 20)

LETTER: The high price of wind farm checks (Herald via NWW - 28 Dec 20)

Borehole Surveys at Neart na Gaoithe Completed (Offshore Wind - 28 Dec 20)

Tame the turbines! (Scottish Mail on Sunday via NWW - 27 Dec 20)

Ditcher Law wind farm plans attacked by Borders resident (Border Telegraph - 25 Dec 20)

Campaign group calls for consultation deadline to be extended on Glenkens windfarm proposals (Daily Record - 24 Dec 20)

Wind farm plan 'blow to local democracy' (Greenock Telegraph - 15 Dec 20)

Fred Olsen Renewables gets consent for Paul's Hill II wind farm in Moray (Energy Voice - 15 Dec 20)

Welsh firm secures contract for Amazon's new Scottish wind farm (Insider - 15 Dec 20)

Plans for Three Towns turbines size of Salisbury Cathedral approved by counsellors (Ardrossan Herald - 14 Dec 20)

Six more turbines to be built west of Upper Knockando (Northern Scot - 14 Dec 20)

Amazon to buy renewable energy produced by Lanarkshire windfarm (Herald - 11 Dec 20)

Major onshore wind farm proposed for South Lanarkshire (The Planner - 10 Dec 20)

Residents slam proposals for new wind turbine in Neilston (Barrhead News - 9 Dec 20)

Windfarms in Aberdeenshire: Possible bid to build nine new turbines (Grampian Online - 9 Dec 20)

Highland wind farm to take step forward with online consultation (Press & Journal - 8 Dec 20)

James Jones & Sons funds acquisition of Scottish windfarm (lesprom - 8 Dec 20)

BiFab Fiasco: Scottish Government told to delay contracts (Herald - 8 Dec 20)

Call for moratorium on offshore wind contracts 'until benefits to Scotland assured' (Scotsman - 8 Dec 20)

Number of planning decisions overturned by Scottish Government raises fears for local democracy (Press & Journal - 7 Dec 20)

Plans for 15 turbine wind farm near Oxton revealed (Southern Reporter - 7 Dec 20

Banks Group unveils plans for £300 million South Lanarkshire wind farm (Insider - 7 Dec 20)

BiFab: Unions demand leadership, strategy and investment while experts warn Scotland must identify and exploit new skills and assets (Sunday Post - 6 Dec 20)

Huge wind turbines given green light despite fears they will overwhelm landscape (Daily Record - 4 Dec 20)

Objectors win fight to halt creation of new north-east wind turbine and solar farm development (Press & Journal - 3 Dec 20)

Wind farm giant to unveil plans for turbines near Grantown (Strathspey & Badenoch Herald - 3 Dec 20)

Fetteresso Forest windfarm proposals rejected by Council (Mearns Leader - 2 Dec 20)


News Archive back to 2016



The Shetland Tragedy

VIDEO: Ancient Race. Original Poem/Song © Robert Sandison

Viking windfarm - 103 turbines x 155m. to tip
Yell windfarm - 23 turbines x 180m. to tip
Mossy Hill windfarm - 12 turbines x 145m. to tip

Save Shetland

Shetland Wind Farms on Camera

The Shetland Islands: Renewables and Corporate Interests


Below is a selection of many press articles (more in main Scotland section above)

LETTER: Cut the energy waste before building new wind farms (Shetland News - 2 Jul 21)

Ombudsman rejects Viking complaint (Shetland News - 16 Jun 21)

Viking Energy acts on speed and dust concerns (Shetland News - 22 Apr 21)

Councillors add to concern over how community's views on wind farm working hours were dealt with (Shetland News - 3 Apr 21)

Community council unhappy with decision to allow wind farm construction work on Sundays (Shetland News - 25 Mar 21)

Anti-Viking group says 'serious breach' of planning conditions should halt work (Shetland Times - 18 Mar 21)

No reason to halt Viking Energy construction work, council report on petition says (Shetland News - 17 Mar 21)

Campaign group escalates complaint about SIC's handling of Viking Energy windfarm 'to the next level' (Shetland Times - 17 Feb 21)

Community councils object to plans to move location of Viking Energy concrete plants (Shetland News - 3 Feb 21)

Petition handed to council over wind farm construction (Shetland News - 18 Jan 21)

LETTER: 'Invidious position' (Shetland News - 26 Nov 20)

Calls for independent analysis into Viking Energy Windfarm Project (Shetland Times - 25 Nov 20)

New Viking petition launched (Shetland News - 5 Nov 20)

LETTER: Fishing communities threatened by offshore wind farm proposals (Shetland News - 4 Nov 20)

Backlash against Shetland wind farm proposal (Bird Guides - 28 Oct 20)

LETTER: Shetland deserves answers (Shetland News - 23 Oct 20)

Nature and bird organisations maintain objections to Yell wind farm (Shetland News - 19 Oct 20)

Viking invasion? Cancer patient fears peaceful life will be shattered by £580m ring of turbines (Sunday Post via NWW - 11 Oct 20)

Petition calls for compensation for those 'severely impacted' by wind farm (Shetland News - 8 Oct 20)

LETTER: Disbenefits are huge (Shetland News - 29 Sep 20)

LETTER: People are worried, frightened, angry and upset (Shetland News - 28 Sep 20)

LETTER: 'I see no contradiction' (Shetland News - 25 Sep 20)

LETTER: Genuine questions (Shetland News - 23 Sep 20

Viking vows to implement better water management measures (Shetland News - 23 Sep 20)

Council investigating reports of run-offs from Viking work into Sandwater loch (Shetland Times - 23 Sep 20)

LETTER: Peat propaganda (Shetland News - 22 Sep 20)

'Robbing Peter to pay Paul' (Shetland News - 21 Sep 20)

Full and proper public inquiry (The National via NWW - 15 Sep 20)

Work begins on Viking Energy windfarm on Shetland (Herald - 13 Sep 20)

SSE given go ahead to build parts of Viking wind farm on crofting land (Energy Voice - 11 Sep 20)

Energy Isles wind farm proposal to face opposition (Shetland News - 31 Aug 20)

Final plans for new Shetland Energy Isles wind project deemed 'unacceptable' by campaigners (Press & Journal - 29 Aug 20)

Energy Isles Shetland submits final plans for North Yell Windfarm (Shetland Times - 28 Aug 20)

SSE Renewables hires Danish turbine maker for £580m Shetland wind farm (Herald - 20 Aug 20)

More than 200 sign petition against large construction compound required for Viking Energy windfarm (Shetland Times - 15 Aug 20)

Third petition questions energy security (Shetland News - 13 Aug 20)

Peatland petition says wind farm construction is at odds with council's recognition of climate emergency (Shetland News - 10 Aug 20)

Viking to learn subsidy auction fate in early September (Shetland News - 8 Aug 20)

'Jolly summer picnic' held in protest against Viking Energy wind farm (Shetland News - 7 Aug 20)

LETTER There is method in the madness (Shetland News - 7 Aug 20)

LETTER Poor show from our councillors and MSP (Shetland News - 6 Aug 20)

Planners seek legal advice on Viking ground investigations (Shetland News - 2 Aug 20)

Uncertain future as isles are turned into an industrialised landscape (Shetland News - 2 Aug 20)

LETTER: Nature is Shetland's main asset (Shetland News - 22 Jul 20)

Transmission wants feedback on connecting wind farms (Shetland News - 22 Jul 20)

Ofgem approves £600m Shetland to mainland power link 'crucial' to Viking Wind Farm plans (Energy Voice - 17 Jul 20)

Online consultation over windfarms' connections to grid (Shetland Times - 14 Jul 20)

LETTER 'It's breaking my heart' (Shetland News - 13 Jul 20)

Viking Energy focused on current plans as campaign group worried area around Scatsta could become 'prime target' for more turbines (Shetland News - 25 Jun 20)

POLL: Have your say on Shetland's energy future (Shetland Times - 24 Jun 20)

'We don't want your money' - Shetland protests as SSE presses ahead with the UK's biggest wind farm (Herald - 18 Jun 20)

LETTER 'Memory playing tricks …' (Shetland News - 18 Jun 20)

Sustainable Shetland questions SSE's motives (Shetland News - 17 Jun 20)

SSE pledges almost £600 million to Viking windfarm project (Shetland Times - 17 Jun 20)


and so on for many years back to the Court battles over Viking

Final go-ahead for Viking windfarm (Shetland News - 9 Feb 15)

Supreme Court hears Viking wind farm arguments (Shetland News - 18 Dec 14)

Top Scottish judges give go ahead for Viking windfarm (Shetland Times - 9 Jul 14)

Sustainable Shetland ‘pleased’ as judge rules on Viking wind farm (Shetland Times - 24 Sep 13)




Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions


Fishermen deserve say in location of offshore wind farms, argue MEPs (Irish Times - 7 Jul 21)

Europe bans disposal of decommissioned wind turbine blades in landfills: A step towards life cycle sustainability (DowntoEarth - 7 Jul 21)

Company illegally storing hundreds of old wind turbine blades at three Iowa sites (Iowa Capital Dispatch - 7 Jul 21)

New Wind Parks in the Netherlands Frustrated by Court Ruling (National Law Review - 6 Jul 21)

Consumers Could Face £2.5bn Bill to Switch Off Wind Farms (Simply Switch - 5 Jul 21)

Huge Windfarm planned for Ballydermot Bog (Kildare Nationalist - 5 Jul 21)

RSPB calls on Government to protect Yorkshire Coast seabirds (Planet Radio - 3 Jul 21)

New Gaeltacht windfarm turbines taller than previously rejected scheme (Irish Examiner - 3 Jul 21)

Two SA wind farms fined more than $1 million for their role in 2016 statewide blackout (abc - 2 Jul 21)

Politicians raise concerns over windfarm plans (Mynewtown - 1 Jul 21)

More than 500 safety incidents reported for UK onshore wind farms in 2020 (Energy Voice - 28 Jun 21)

Norwegian inventors' offshore 'Windcatcher' stacks wind turbines taller than the Eiffel Tower and could power 80,000 homes with renewable power (Daily Mail - 25 Jun 21)

Vessel Forced to Leave French Offshore Wind Farm after Protests Turn Ugly (Offshore Wind - 25 Jun 21)

Crawford-Seneca Anti-Wind meeting, residents hear objections to planned wind farm (Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum - 25 Jun 21)

Lear's macaws threatened by planned wind farm in Brazil, experts warn (Mongabay news - 23 Jun 21)

Plans for UK's tallest wind farm met with mixed response from neighbouring residents (Wales online - 22 Jun 21)

Turbines take shape on Tararua ridges (Stuff - 20 Jun 21)

Anger as planning permission granted for wind turbines in Leitrim (Longford Leader - 19 Jun 21)

'What I saw gave me fear' (Oklahoman - 19 Jun 21)

French senators give mayors right to veto wind turbine projects (Euractiv - 18 Jun 21)

High Court quashes permission for Co Longford windfarm (rte - 16 Jun 21)

Council turns down planning for West Clare windfarm (Clare Champion - 16 Jun 21)

Michael O'Leary loses out in Gigginstown stud windfarm row (Irish Times - 16 Jun 21)

Community speaks against proposed wind farm (Keweenaw Report - 16 Jun 21)

Wind Industry Calls for Ban on Old Turbine Blades in Landfills (Bloomberg - 16 Jun 21)

North Sea giant windfarm gets underway (Energy Live News - 14 Jun 21)

South Dakota rocked again as a wind turbine plant shuts its doors (Yahoo News - 14 Jun 21)

Wales' first offshore floating wind farm is under way (Western Telegraph - 12 Jun 21)

Wind farms would have to be built in Britain's beauty spots to meet energy targets (Telegraph - 9 Jun 21)

Prairie-Chicken Listing Expected to Put Wind Farms in Crosshairs (Bloomberg Law - 7 Jun 21)

Tipperary council urged to continue and extend windfarm ban around Slievenamon (Tipperary Live - 5 Jun 21)

Are wind farms slowing each other down? (EurekAlert - 3 Jun 21)

How to protect birds and bats from wind turbines (BBC News - 4 Jun 21)

French TV presenter joins campaign against wind turbines in France (Connexion France - 1 Jun 21)

Wind farms kill more than 100,000 bats in Spain every year (Explica - 31 May 21)

EDF Renewables Ireland announces plans for 100 MW Mayo wind farm (Renewable Energy Magazine - 31 May 21)

Plans for wind farm at Mynydd Llanhilleth (Wales247 - 31 May 21)

MoD under attack from wind farms, say campaigners (Times - 30 May 21)

As Kansas, Missouri keep building wind, some communities look to regulate (Missourie Independent - 30 May 21)

Scandinavian energy giant Statkraft to seek backing for six Irish wind farms (Irish Times - 27 May 21)

Bearded vulture on rare visit to Netherlands killed by wind turbine blades (Dutch News - 27 May 21)

Windfarm in bid to continue turning for another decade on Anglesey (North Wales Chronicle - 27 May 21)

Environmentalists fear windfarm scars on mountain forests (ekathimerini - 26 May 21)

More than bluster: controlling wind generation (altenergymag - 25 May 21)

Massachusetts fishermen fear 'dead zones' as massive wind farms loom (Boston Herald - 22 May 21)

Massive Offshore Wind Farm in Iceland Planned for UK Power Supply (OEDigital - 21 May 21)
£200m power cable plant to be built in North East (Northern Echo - 21 May 21)

Ohio lawmakers want to decrease setbacks for wind farms (Farm and Dairy - 19 May 21)

Mercedes badge or shooting star? Confusion over town's new light display (Great Yarmouth Mercury - 18 May 21)

Offshore Wind Requires 63,000lbs Of Copper Per Turbine (Oil Price - 17 May 21)

Hawkesdale wind farm heads to court as locals vow to fight "this monster" (Renew Economy - 17 May 21)

Council throws out plans for 100m-tall turbines near village (Daily Record - 16 May 21)

Hawkesdale wind farm heads to court as locals vow to fight "this monster" (Renew Economy - 17 May 21)

LETTER: We never see the true costs of wind turbines (Grand Forks Herald - 9 May 21)

Public opposition growing against proposed wind farm on large bog in Offaly (Offaly Express - 9 May 21)

Choiniere column in support of offshore wind project was a lot of hot air (The Day - 9 May 21)

Offshore wind farm developers told to use UK manufacturers (Times - 8 May 21)

Council hopes noise issue at Batsworthy Cross Wind farm are solved (In Your Area - 6 May 21)

Injunction granted to stop man electrocuting himself by digging up cables (Irish Times - 5 May 21)

Concern raised over windfarm proposal for south east Clare (Limerick Leader - 2 May 21)

Convoy of wind turbines half a mile long escorted into Oswaldtwistle under cover of darkness (Lancashire Telegraph - 30 Apr 21)

Community to continue fight against windfarm (Independent - 1 May 21)

Bid to remove wind farm buffer zone from Offaly towns and villages (Offaly Express - 30 Apr 21)

Huge wind turbine transported to Oswaldtwistle in major M62 convoy (Lancs.live - 30 Apr 21)

Ørsted says offshore UK windfarms need urgent repairs (Guardian - 29 Apr 21)

Orsted hit by £350m cable issues at offshore wind farms in UK and Europe (Energy Voice - 29 Apr 21)

Bill on offshore wind farms and ocean power sparks political row (Irish Times - 28 Apr 21)

US wind farms lose $4bn because of the Texas storm blackouts (Energy Live News - 27 Apr 21)

Research highlights 'major flaw' in conventional wind farms - and a promising solution (IMechE - 27 Apr 21)

'No to Derryadd Windfarm' group 'surprised' at Bord na Mona site clearance works move despite ongoing court proceedings (Longford Leader - 26 Apr 21)

Oppose Industrial Wind Farms - Attend Peaceful Demonstration Tuesday April 27th at 4:30pm (OCNJ - 24 Apr 21)

Approval sought for controversial wind farm project near Cairncastle (Farming Life - 23 Apr 21)

Coillte Lodge planning appeal for South Carlow wind farm (Nationalist - 19 Apr 21)

N.J. fishing groups worry offshore wind will adversely affect their industry: 'This is our farmland' (Philadelphia Inquirer - 19 Apr 21)

Down on the windfarm, something stinks (The Conservative Woman - 17 Apr 21)

Proposed windfarm power cable poses 'existential threat' to charity (East Anglian Daily Times - 17 Apr 21)

Plans for wind farm off Bray Head coast (Bray People - 17 Apr 21)

A 'quantum leap': Monster wind turbines are going to get even bigger (Oil and Gas 360 - 16 Apr 21)

Parteen turbine in situ despite order (Clare Champion - 16 Apr 21)

Wind farms could be threat to birds and biodiversity (Times - 16 Apr 21)

Foster Planning Board votes to prohibit wind turbines (Valley Breeze - 14 Apr 21)

Illinois Wind Farm Project Threatens Rare Frog Species (Earth Island Journal - 14 Apr 21)

Are offshore wind farms the best way for Dorset to tackle climate emergency? (Lyme-Online - 14 Apr 21)

PHOTO Sussex's Rampion wind farm spotted from Isle of Wight (Isle of Wight County Press - 13 Apr 21)

Research continues into site for Wales' first floating offshore windfarm (Western Telegraph 11 Apr 21)

Windfarm company issued 'misleading' leaflets locally (Westmeath Independent - 9 Apr 21)

Lower- and middle-class Americans will pay a fortune for Biden's wind-power plan (New York Post - 9 Apr 21)

Department defends 500ft windfarm in protected Area of Outstanding Beauty (News Letter - 9 Apr 21)

Dorset Council does not rule out possibility of offshore wind farms (Dorset Echo - 8 Apr 21)

Maine counties chafe at lower-than-expected payments from wind farms (Bangor Daily News - 8 Apr 21)

No Marine Protected Areas to guide offshore wind farm plans (Independent - 6 Apr 21)

North Sea offshore wind developer targeting expansion into Ireland (Energy Voice - 5 Apr 21)

Hawaii High Court Hears Argument About Wind Farm, Bats (US News - 3 Apr 21)

French court orders 'historic' demolition of seven wind turbines (The Connexion - 2 Apr 21)

Decision on offshore windfarm plans delayed by 3 months (Lowestoft Journal - 1 Apr 21)

Planning consent delays for East Anglia offshore wind farms (4Coffshore - 1 Apr 21)

Tipperary wind farm 'where wind failed to blow' sold for €70m (Irish Examiner - 1 Apr 21)

'The time is now': Vattenfall boss on looming windfarm judgement (Eastern Daily Press - 30 Mar 21)

Kilkenny County Council will formally object to windfarm plans (KCLR - 29 Apr 21)

Biden To Push Offshore Wind Farm Expansion (Forbes - 29 Mar 21)

Environment department says no to controversial Watson family wind farm (Mail & Guardian - 26 Mar 21)

Plans for south Wales wind farm between Port Talbot and Maesteg may be 'unacceptable' experts warn (Wales Online 25 Mar 21)

Plans confirmed for £3bn wind farm (Construction News - 25 Mar 21)

World's largest floating offshore windfarms to be built off Welsh coast (New Civil Engineer - 25 Mar 21)

Scituate Health Board chairman worried about town reaction if he shuts down turbine (Patriot Ledger - 25 Mar 21)

Maine officials seek to lower temperature of wind power protests (National Fisherman - 25 Mar 21)

Fred Olsen gets consent for two Scottish wind extensions (renews.biz - 24 Mar 21)

Opposition to wind farm plans because of negative impact on 'tourism' (Nation Cymru - 24 Mar 21)

Marine Patrol Directed To Remove Gear From Path Of Wind Power Survey If Fishermen Won't (Maine Public - 24 Mar 21)

UK launches phase 2 of wind farm mitigation fund (renews.biz - 24 Mar 21)

Damaged power cable costs consumers £40m (Times - 23 Mar 21)

Maine lobstermen protest Monhegan-area wind project (Press Herald - 21 Mar 21)

'Irreversible losses': Wildlife expert fears for North Sea habitat (Ipswich Star - 20 Mar 21)

Wind firm tries to change rules again (Post Journal & Observer via National Wind Watch - 20 Mar 21)

1,500 Wind Turbines. 2,700 Square Miles. Offshore Wind in the Atlantic Will Be Big. Really Big (nbcphiladelphia - 20 Mar 21)

Ireland's coastal wind farms: An ill wind for seabirds? (Irish Times - 20 Mar 21)

Plans for windfarm in Carlow halted by the county council (KCLR - 19 Mar 21)

Virtual public meeting on proposed South Kilkenny windfarm to take place (KCLR - 19 Mar 21)

Bord na Móna proposes new windfarm for local bog (Westmeath Independent - 19 Mar 21)

Residents concerned about crumbling rural road during construction of Central Texas wind farm (KWTX - 18 Mar 21)

'Butt ugly.' Benton officials get an earful from Tri-Citians on huge wind farm project (Tri-City Herald - 17 Mar 21)

Council will object to 'towering' windfarm (Independent - 17 Mar 21)

Don't destroy power system through total dependence wind, solar (Times Call - 16 Mar 21)

Permission granted for Corlacky Wind Farm (Derry Now - 16 Mar 21)

Pine Township Board offers wind turbine specialist, but residents aren't impressed (Daily News - 13 Mar 21)

RWE Taking Majority Ownership of Rampion Offshore Wind Farm (Offshore Wind - 12 Mar 21)

Offshore wind critics say farms will damage Shore economies and ruin ocean views (WHYY - 11 Mar 21)

Biden set to approve wind farm in Martha's Vineyard after 20 year battle with rich residents (Telegraph - 9 Mar 21)

Cork councillors oppose windfarm on Cork-Waterford border (Irish Examiner - 9 Mar 21)

Is clean energy ready for Biden's union crusade? (E&E News - 9 Mar 21)

Firetrace reaches 500 MW of fire suppression systems installed on U.S. wind turbines (Windpower Engineering - 9 Mar 21)

Wind Turbines On Washington's Horse Heaven Hills - How Not To Pursue A Green New Deal (Forbes - 8 Mar 21)

Montenegro to probe Mozura wind farm deal - deputy PM (Renewables Now - 8 Mar 21)

Farmer wins orders overturning consent for grid connection from wind farm (Irish Times - 8 Mar 21)

Feathers fly over proposed wind farm's impacts on great white pelicans (Mail & Guardian - 6 Mar 21)

Stop wind farm companies deafening dolphins, Joanna Lumley tells Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds (Telegraph via NWW - 6 Mar 21)

Ten years ago, 241 Texas power plants couldn't take the cold. Dozens of them failed again this year (Washington Post - 6 Mar 21)

Hundreds of submissions sent in opposition to Lyrenacarriga Wind Farm (Avondhupress - 5 Mar 21)

Germany puts out tender for three offshore wind farms (Splash 247 - 1 Mar 21)

Public consultation opens on plan for State's largest offshore wind farm (Irish Times - 1 Mar 21)

Waterford residents push back against the breeze as windfarms loom ahead (Irish Examiner - 1 Mar 21)

Is It Time to Put Wind Energy on Ice? (Real Clear Energy - 28 Feb 21)

MP Coffey speaks of 'devastating impact' of windfarm on Suffolk beauty spots (East Anglian Daily Times - 27 Feb 21)

Planning permission lodged for windfarm near Baltinglass (The Nationalist - 27 Feb 21)

SSE to spend up to €6bn building offshore wind farms (Irish Times - 25 Feb 21)

Community's concern over rural Kilkenny windfarm plans (Kilkenny People - 25 Feb 21)

Majority oppose wind farms and pylons near homes (Independent - 25 Feb 21)

Plans for major wind farm in North Cork meet strong opposition (Irish Examiner - 22 Feb 21)

LETTER: Wind energy doesn't hold up in cold (Mitchell Republic - 20 Feb 21)

LETTER: Property values will be impacted by wind farm (Telegraph Forum - 20 Feb 21)

RWE warns on profit as Texas freeze halts wind farms (Reuters - 18 Feb 21)

Norfolk Vanguard: Ministers wrong over wind farm go-ahead, says judge (BBC News - 18 Feb 21)

Aging offshore wind turbines could stunt growth of renewable energy sector (Science Daily - 16 Feb 21)

Frozen wind turbines hamper Texas power output, state's electric grid operator says (Austin American-Statesman - 15 Feb 21)

Union hits out at 'diabolical treatment' of Barrow windfarm workers allegedly suspended without pay (NWEMail - 14 Feb 21)

Green energy stampede sends prices sky-high (Times - 14 Feb 21)

Community must have maximum benefit from Carrownagowan Wind Farm as major development progresses (Clare Echo - 13 Feb 21)

Windfarm concern group raises questions over risk of landslides (Clare Champion -12 Feb 21)

National Grid plans to link offshore UK wind farms direct to continent (Financial Times - 12 Feb 21)

Wind turbines could be coming to California's coast (Mercury News - 12 Feb 21)

Queen's property chief delays sale of Scottish seabed windfarm plots (Guardian - 12 Feb 21)

U.S. Offshore Wind Prospects: Overblown Promises and Blown-Up Costs (National Review - 11 Feb 21)

Two wind farms set for off Blackpool and Morecambe Bay coastlines (Lancs live - 11 Feb 21)

Measures may be taken on noisy North Devon wind farm (Inyourarea - 11 Feb 21)

Advocates and opposers testify about wind turbine regulations (Nebraska News - 11 Feb 21)

Common pipistrelle bats attracted to wind turbines (University of Exeter - 11 Feb 21)

RWE launches consultation for new Welsh wind farm (renews.biz - 10 Feb 21)

South Korea to build 'world's largest' offshore wind farm (Energy Live News - 9 Feb 21)

BP, RWE, Total win UK windfarm leases in controversial auction (Sharecast - 9 Feb 21)

Reindeer: ancient migration routes disrupted by roads, dams - and now wind farms (The Conversation - 8 Feb 21)

Wind farm plan is re-submitted (Wicklow People - 6 Feb 21)

Public urged to join Louth coast wind farm webinar (The Argus - 6 Feb 21)

Queen's property manager banks huge windfarm bonanza (Guardian - 5 Feb 21)

Denmark wants to build a renewable energy island in the North Sea (cnbc - 5 Feb 21)

South Korea plans world's largest offshore windfarm (Riviera - 5 Feb 21)

Plans to extend windfarm off the coast of Conwy to be submitted (North Wales Pioneer - 4 Feb 21)

Change in the air: US to restart review of big offshore wind farm (Aljazeera - 4 Feb 21)

Fishermen, developers hit impasse over offshore wind farm plan (Providence Journal - 2 Feb 21)

Smart Camera System Saves Eagles from Wind Turbine Deaths (Interesting Engineering - 2 Feb 21)

Which OEMs are off to strong start with January wind turbine orders? (Windpower Monthly - 2 Feb 21)

Energia claims €4bn wind farm projects jeopardised by application process (Irish Times - 1 Feb 21)

Healthcare and safety: Important considerations on offshore wind farms (Windpower Engineering - 1 Feb 21)

URI survey finds offshore wind farms reduce value of recreational boating experience (URI Today - 1 Feb 21)

Hawaii wind farm to fund research after bat, petrel deaths (San Francisco Chronicle - 31 Jan 21)

Plans for 17 wind turbines either side of Cork-Waterford border (Irish Examiner - 30 Jan 21)

Ambitious wind farm plans to be lodged (Independent - 30 Jan 21)

Wanted: the corporate world's next Big Baddie (scroll down to Big Wind) (Financial Times - 29 Jan 21)

What to do With a "Tidal Wave" of Texas Wind Turbine Blades (Texas Observer - 28 Jan 21)

Court ruling means wind farms must provide more information on noise (Irish Times - 27 Jan 21)

Wind farm engineers to drill below cliffs and rivers (Eastern Daily Press - 27 Jan 21)

Janet Mills Proposes 10-Year Moratorium On Wind Development In Maine-Managed Waters (Maine Public - 26 Jan 21)

New planning application submitted for Carlow windfarm (KCLR - 26 Jan 21)

Many drawbacks to turbines in residential areas (Norwalk Reflector - 23 Jan 21)

Hamptons homeowners want wind farm project to blow off their beach (New York Post - 23 Jan 21)

Wind turbines: Renewables body counters 'excessive subsidies' report (BBC News - 21 Jan 21)

Natural Power launches bat curtailment tech (renews.biz - 19 Jan 21)

'It's just harder work': Wind-turbine makers adapt to UK's post-Brexit realities (S&P Global - 19 Jan 21)

Kittiwake extinction risk and the death of Environmentalism (GWPF - 19 Jan 21)

Sámi reindeer herders file lawsuit against Norway windfarm (Guardian - 18 Jan 21)

Councillors angered over lack of consultation on proposed wind farm (Carlow Nationalist - 16 Jan 21)

Rampion wind farm could be expanded with 116 new turbines off Sussex coast (Worthing Herald - 14 Jan 21)

Wind farm construction creates noise that may harm squid fisheries (New Scientist - 14 Jan 21)

Enormous wind turbines may be coming to a coast near you (PRI - 14 Jan 21)

Watching A Truck Hauling Wind Turbine Blades Kinda Hurts Your Brain (Jalopnik - 8 Jan 21)

Wind turbines could be 8m taller, to save birds (Eastern Daily Press - 8 Jan 21)

East Suffolk Council adopts 'neutral' stance to offshore windfarm plans (East Anglian Daily Times - 6 Jan 21)

Cyclones reduce India's wind power generation (Eco-Business - 6 Jan 21)

Cold snap forces UK electricity market prices to new high (Guardian - 5 Jan 21)

Approval for new offshore wind farm (Insider Media - 5 Jan 21)

Developers call on EU states to speed up permitting regimes (Windpower Monthly 4 Jan 21)

Bird charity warns of harm from new wind farm (BBC News - 2 Jan 21)

With $20M Bird Nesting Plan, Orsted Wins Permit for Giant UK Wind Farm (Maritime Executive - 1 Jan 21)

Huge wind farm off Norfolk coast approved despite concerns (Eastern Daily Press - 1 Jan 21)

A Monster Wind Turbine Is Upending an Industry (New York Times - 1 Jan 21)

LETTERS: Wind turbines - an appalling vista? (Irish Times - 31 Dec 20)

EPA considers legal action over damage from wind farm landslide (Independent - 30 Dec 20)

Project 2020: Wind turbines cause stir in Page County (KMAland - 30 Dec 20)

New cable designs are critical for floating wind turbines (Windpower Engineering - 28 Dec 20)

10-year-old plans to build Llanidloes windfarm withdrawn (Powys County Times - 26 Dec 20)

Fishers vow to 'fight to the end' EnerVest wind farms (Taipei Times - 25 Dec 20)

Why wind turbines need to be farther offshore (Cape Gazette - 24 Dec 20)

Proposed wind farm near Brooks would be largest in Canada (Medicine Hat News - 24 Dec 20)

Government Proposes First Take Permit for Condor Deaths at a Wind Farm (Audobon - 23 Dec 20)

'Impact on future generations will be detrimental': Petition set up against wind farms (Agriland - 23 Dec 20)

Wind farm operator fined $1 million for breaching national energy rules before SA statewide blackout (abc - 22 Dec 20)

Statkraft to build, sell and manage two Irish wind farms (Globalnewswire - 21 Dec 20)

BMW lights up wind turbines at its Leipzig plant as candles for 2020 Advent (Hindustan Times - 20 Dec 20)

Fear wind farm could 'ruin' view from Bray (Independent - 19 Dec 20)

A UK university is pivoting to sustainable tech with solar and wind turbine deal (CNBC - 14 Dec 20)

Green energy: NI's wind turbines generate controversy (BBC News - 13 Dec 20)

Irish Whale & Dolphin Group Publishes Policy Document on Offshore Wind (Afloat 12 Dec 20)

Call for Government to clarify efforts to resolve ongoing issues at Derrybrien windfarm (Connacht Tribune - 11 Dec 20)

Wind farm weather influence (University of Delaware - 9 Dec 20)

More Norwegians saying "not in my backyard" to onshore wind farms (World Oil - 9 Dec 20)

Advanced wind turbine design features may increase fire risk and insurance premiums (Windpower Engineering - 7 Dec 20)

Off-shore wind farm projects in pipeline (Independent - 7 Dec 20)

Massive 853-foot-tall wind turbines are coming to America's East Coast (New Atlas - 6 Dec 20)

'Communities end up having to take in these imposing wind farms for no good reason' (Agriland - 6 Dec 20)

Mick Hucknall sees red over wind farm developments (Business Post - 6 Dec 20)

Emergency Works Near Completion at Wind Farm at Centre of Bogslide Incident in North West (Afloat - 6 Dec 20)

Opposition to wind farm plan grows (Independent - 5 Dec 20)

Letters on the subject of windfarms (Clare Champion - 4 Dec 20)

Bangor Scientists Critical Role in One of World's Biggest Wind Farms (Business News Wales - 3 Dec 20)


News Archive back to 2016




Balancing Mechanism Wind Farm Constraint Payments and Explanatory Notes

Escalating UK Grid Management Costs: Consumers Feel the Chill of Sub-Zero Electricity Prices

A Decade of Constraint Payments

Why have Windfarm Constraint Payments Spiked in 2020?

A New Failure Highlights the Overbuild of Scottish Wind and Raises New Questions


£230m bung to switch off turbines - and you're paying! (Scottish Daily Mail via NWW - 6 Jan 21)

System of multimillion-pound wind farm payments 'just beggars belief' says Caithness campaigner (John O'Groat Journal - 24 Dec 20)

Scots Suffer Crippling Power Bills, While Wind Industry Pocket £Billions in Record Subsidies (STT - 21 Nov 20)

LETTERS: Constraints on Scotland (Herald via NWW - 26 Oct 20)

Scottish wind farms and the monetary incentives to switch off (LSE blog - 16 Oct 20)

World's Biggest Scams: Scotland's Wind Farms Paid £650,000,000 To NOT Produce Power (STT - 14 Jul 20)

Millions generated for energy firms when Highland turbines stop spinning (Press & Journal - 4 Jul 20)

The Brink of Darkness: Britain's fragile power grid (GWPF report)

Wind farms paid record £9.3m to switch off their turbines (Telegraph - 23 May 20)

Low Electricity Demand and System Balancing Problems during The UK's Coronavirus Lockdown (GWPF - 25 Apr 20)

Constraint payments: rewarding wind farms for switching off (Power-Technology - 2 Apr 20)

Energy bill hikes to pay for £69m Scots wind farm compensation (Herald 14 Mar 20)

Record £30.9m paid to turn off wind farms (Times - 25 Feb 20)

Struan Stevenson: SNP Government can't see the wood for the trees (Herald - 15 Feb 20)

Priceless: Scots Forced to Pay Wind Farms £650,000,000 To NOT Generate Power (Stop These Things - 23 Jan 20)

Wind farms paid up to £3 million per day to switch off turbines (Telegraph 19 Jan 20)

Wind farm fury - £3million a day taxpayers cash spent on NOT generating electricity (Express - 19 Jan 20)

Wind turbines generate more cash when switched off and Scots customers shouldering £650m blame (Daily Record - 17 Jan 20)

Remember Subsidy Sam ?

Balancing Mechanism and Connect and Manage Constraints Payments to Windfarms (Stuart Young - 3 Jan 14)




A parable from Stuart Young

You engage a milkman to deliver 2 pints a day.
He delivers 2 on Sunday,
none on Monday,
1 on Tuesday,
3 on Wednesday,
1 on Thursday,
3 on Friday,
and 4 on Saturday.
Job done, you have had your weekly ration of 14 pints. An average of 2 pints a day. You would sack your milkman after week one. You wouldn't pay him extra for being unreliable, and you wouldn't pay for the surplus milk on the days there is too much and you wouldn't pay him more to take the surplus away when you can't use it either. But that is exactly what we do when we rely on wind generated electricity.


In environmental justice, the wind still rides roughshod over the rules

"There is a feeling that wind seems to be exempt from the normal rules. If I were to erect a structure 140 metres high, doubling the height above sea level of the hills alongside the valley of the Stinchar in Ayrshire, for example, there would rightly be an outcry. If I were to kill hundreds of birds of prey every year, there would be outrage. If I were to kill thousands of bats, I would go to jail. How can it be that the wind industry uniquely is allowed to ride roughshod over the environmental rules that protect the rest of us from anyone spoiling the view, killing eagles and pouring concrete into peatland?"


by Boris Johnson

"It is a good 20 years since I last drove all the way to Scotland, and in the interim something unbelievable has been done - in our name - to our green, pleasant and precious countryside," he said.

"I mean the windmills, the turbines - whatever they are called. I mean the things that look like some hideous Venusian invasion, marching over the moors and destroying the dales; the colossal seaside toys plonked erratically across our ancient landscape; the endless parade of waving white-armed old lunatics, gesticulating feebly at each other across the fields and the glens.

"They seemed to be everywhere, and I asked myself, when were we consulted? Was there a referendum? Did someone ever warn the British people that these moaning seagull slicers were going to be erected on some of the most sensational scenery that God ever called into being?"


From James Lovelock - originator of the Gaia theory

"I am an environmentalist and founder member of the Greens but I bow my head in shame at the thought that our original good intentions should have been so misunderstood.

"We never intended a fundamentalist Green movement that rejected all energy sources other than renewable, nor did we expect the Greens to cast aside our priceless ecological heritage because of their failure to understand that the needs of the Earth are not separable from human needs. We need to take care that the spinning windmills do not become like the statues on Easter Island, monuments of a failed civilization."


from "Out and about with Ralph" (Caithness Courier - 25 Jan 12)

The hills have been turned into a man-made industrial estate, covered in gigantic white turning monsters totally destroying any visage of remoteness. Yes, they shout at you, man is master of nature and we mean to show it. Well, any nation which can do this to its landscape loses any right to complain about anything else anyone else does, be it rain-forest removal, strip mining, whaling, deep-sea drilling... this is environmental desecration, destruction and degradation of the worst order.


Sir Bernard Ingham

"They are no good when the wind doesn't blow and they are no good when the wind does blow.
What on earth is the point of them? They represent the most ridiculous waste of people's money."



Do they really expect us to believe them?


In a dispute with Alister Jack last November (2020) over Independence Nicola Sturgeon was quoted as saying:
"I think we are seeing, played out in real time in another part of the world today, that politicians don't get to stand in the way of democracy. "Power comes from people, not from politicians. The will of the people in any country has to prevail.
"I don't treat those comments with too much in the way of seriousness. The people of Scotland will decide the future of Scotland.
"That's how it has always been and that's how it will be in the future."

"The Scottish Government will only approve the right wind farm applications in the right places, and applications that do not meet strict criteria are rejected. Our planning guidance for local authorities makes clear that developments must be carefully sited to mitigate and minimise impacts on local amenity.”

"The Scottish Government will only allow windfarms to be built where the impacts have been found to be acceptable - and unsuitable applications are rejected."

"While Ministers believe it is right to make the most of the opportunities that are offered by our abundant natural energy resources, this must be done in a way that protects the environment and takes account of the views of local communities."

“While we value the contribution well-sited windfarms can make, the Scottish Government is committed to protecting Scotland’s landscape and natural beauty and agree that windfarms should not be built without careful consideration of their potential impact on the environment before any decision is made on whether they should be given the go-ahead.”

"Every application for wind farm development is assessed against local development plan policy and on its merits, taking into account the views of statutory consultees, interested parties, local communities and the public. Unsuitable applications are rejected."

"Scotland has astounding green energy potential and vast natural resources, with a quarter of Europe's offshore wind potential, and we have a responsibility to ensure our nation seizes this opportunity to create tens of thousands of new jobs and secure billions of pounds of investment in our economy. However, any development will be undertaken in a sustainable and informed manner."

"The Scottish Government wants to see the right developments in the right places, and Scottish planning policy is clear that the design and location of any wind farm should reflect the scale and character of the landscape, as well as being considered environmentally acceptable."

"Scottish planning policy is clear that the design and location of any wind farm should reflect the scale and character of the landscape and should be considered environmentally acceptable."

"The Scottish Government will only approve the right wind farm applications in the right places, and applications that do not meet strict criteria are rejected. Our planning guidance for local authorities makes clear that developments must be carefully sited to mitigate and minimise impacts on local amenity."

"We want to see the right developments in the right places. All applications are subject to careful scrutiny."

"Our planning policy strikes a balance between making the most of Scotland's huge green energy potential and the need to protect the country's most scenic wild spaces, meaning that windfarms are only permitted to go ahead in the right places. Current planning and consents processes are rigorous and ensure appropriate siting of windfarms."

"Our policy on windfarm applications aims to strike the right balance between Scotland's massive green energy potential and the need to protect the country's most scenic and wild areas. Our planning process is rigorous, ensuring appropriate siting of wind farms - that has resulted in a ban on wind farm development in areas covering almost a fifth of the landmass of Scotland including National Parks and National Scenic Areas."

From Nicola Sturgeon:The vast majority of planning decisions are already made locally by those who are best placed to consider in what circumstances planning consent should or should not be granted. “I think that is right and proper. Planning does benefit greatly from being part of a democratic process, and it is informed at all stages by high quality objective professional advice.”

"The Scottish Government has set out a clear policy for a balanced energy mix in Scotland which provides energy security for the future which helps to keep the lights on and bills down across these islands. Wind farms are a key part of this energy mix and our policy on wind farm applications aims to strike the right balance between Scotland's massive green energy potential and the need to protect the country's most scenic and wild areas along with residential amenity. Our planning process is rigorous, ensuring appropriate siting of wind farms - that has resulted in a ban on wind farm development in areas covering almost a fifth of the landmass of Scotland including National Parks and National Scenic Areas."

"Scottish Government policy on onshore wind farms strikes a careful balance between maximising Scotland's huge green energy potential and protecting some of our finest scenic landscapes - planning authorities help to guide wind farms to the best places and when wind farms don't meet strict planning guidelines they are rejected."

"Our policy on onshore windfarms aims to strike a careful balance between utilising Scotland's significant renewable energy resources whilst protecting our finest scenic landscapes and natural heritage. The planning process strongly promotes public engagement which enables community organisations to make representations on development proposals. We remain firmly supportive of onshore and offshore renewable energy technologies, including windfarms, so long as these are developed in appropriate locations."

"We have been clear that wind farms can only be built in the right places, and that proposed developments are subject to strict planning laws. Our policy strikes a careful balance between utilising Scotland's significant renewable energy resources whilst protecting our finest scenic landscapes and natural heritage."





Dangers from wind turbines to:

Communities - one turbine fire and another only days apart
Children in school
Weather forecasting
Underground pipelines
Marine life
Farm birds
Study: California Wind Power is the Worst For Wildlife
We have to kill eagles in order to save them

Life in the throw zone

First there was a problem with Proven turbines
next blades are flying off Evoco turbines
then Eoltec turbines falling to bits

All these originally had MCS


Another turbine fire that could not be put out and set fire to burning brush
just as well it was not in industrial estate or near homes


Coldingham turbine collapses and Ardrossan turbine catches fire

Is this why Ardrossan turbine caught fire?

"As a standard precautionary measure, all Infinis staff vacate wind farms when wind speeds exceed
55 mph and therefore no one was present on site at the time of the incident,"
Infinis Energy press release
after Ardrossan
Why are the public not issued with similar warnings?

Is this why turbines fail?

Wind turbine blades fly off in storm

What happens to wind turbines in a storm


If windfarms are so safe, why this?

Yet still they site them near people and buildings - see below a turbine in Lowestoft.
Can that really be a gas holder below it?

photo courtesy of Mike Page



Community Benefit (courtesy Graham Lang)

"Where does Community Benefit come from? From the income of the wind farm.
Where does the income of the wind farm come from? From our electricity bills some of which subsidises wind.
Where does the Community Benefit come from? You and me."



From the walls of the Scottish Parliament building:

The battle for conservation will go on endlessly.
It is part of the universal battle between right and wrong.

John Muir (1838-1914)

What would the world be, once bereft
Of wet and wildness? Let them be left,
O let them be left, wildness and wet;
Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet.

Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889) "Inversnaid"




Changes to the CWIF website

Way back in 2008, Brenda took on the task of creating and maintaining a CWIF website with professional IT support from Robin at Rom-Art and they have been doing it ever since. In that time CWIF website has become a world-wide reference point for many linked and featured reports, documents etc with its Windfarm Accident Statistics (compiled and kept up to date by a former CWIF member) being possibly the most complete set of wind farm related accident statistics anywhere in the world outside of those held secretly by wind industry bodies.

Ownership of the website was passed to Brenda on dissolution of CWIF as a membership organisation in 2014 as it was too valuable an asset to lose, and Brenda was happy to keep doing the work. A plan was put in place for oversight of the eventual orderly closure of the website and exit from the public stage.

I am happy to say that that time has not yet arrived but some changes to the website were needed. The workload is high. Some aspects of the website are no longer as relevant as they were, and others have become much more time consuming. Brenda will continue to maintain the website meantime for as long as she wants or until funds run out, but with less content, and less proactive activity. Health Effects will stay as will Accident Statistics. The Maps page has changed to display spreadsheets of all Caithness and Sutherland developments proposed and consented.

No more donations will be sought as there is a balance of funds to maintain the website for some time to come.

No-one should get the impression that Brenda is retiring, She is just redistributing her enormous capacity for work according to present need amongst the several organisations she works her socks off for.

Stuart Young, Former Chair of CWIF



Buolfruich Windfarm from Scaraben - Photo: Ben MacGregor

Caithness Windfarm Information Forum wants to see responsible Local and National energy policies which combine reliable, controllable and predictable low carbon energy supplies with adequate protection of our fragile environment, countryside and communities.


The montage below compares the Test & Trials Facility at Janetstown (27m high), Dunnet Church (12m high), a Strathy North Turbine (110m high), and an existing Forss turbine (78m high).

Photomontage by Stuart Young Visualisations

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